Virtual education
       made a reality

Do you know the advantages of education with VR?

Lyceum Learning relies on cutting-edge technology to offer a complete, planned, and complementary learning experience to the teaching work.

Join the education revolution that is changing classrooms around the world!

We are not used to an effective education
Pablo Pérez Carmona, teacher and co-founder of Lyceum VR


Lyceum consultoria proyectos
If you can dream it
       we can do it

In Lyceum VR we dare with all kinds of projects. We believe that if we are fulfilling our dream, everyone should be able to do it.

Tell us about that idea you want to develop, but that you don’t know how. Whether it’s VR, AR, apps, web… You imagine it and we make it real.

Virtual Reality
A whole universe
of possibilities
Augmented Reality
Watch the world
custom-made for you
Apps & Digital Services

Get the most out
of the latest technologies

More than a company
        a team

Our team draws on a diversity of talents, experiences, and backgrounds, ensuring that we give each project a professional but also unique approach.

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We are here
         to help you

If you want to learn more about what we do or if you have an idea to develop, it’s time to get to know each other.

Address: Calle Cifuentes 5,
La Nave - Planta 5, 28021 Madrid