Lyceum Learning
       learning through play

The greatest adventures begin in the classroom. Lyceum Learning is an educational platform based on immersion, interaction, and direct learning.

Thanks to VR technology, youngsters can walk in the shoes of explorers in search of all the knowledge of humanity.

Learning has never been so stimulating, immersive and effective. Let’s take off!

Education & VR
A perfect combination

In a world where technologies are constantly bursting into all areas, education cannot lag behind.
At Lyceum VR we believe that classrooms should be synchronized with their technological reality. We also believe that teachers and professionals at the forefront of technology should guarantee a more attractive and effective education for the new generations.

Big problems
              big solutions

Memorization and learning of abstract concepts

Interactive, immersive, and first-person learning environment

Technology as a stopgap or distraction: A plan without continuity

Structured, cross-sectional plan based on the Ministry of Education curriculum

Technology Gap: Reality vs. Classrooms

Transition Plan to Education 2.0

Rigidity and homogeneity in the educational offer

Qualitative differentiation facing the competency

Mechanical resolution on theoretical problems

Gamification and Flipped Learning (motivation, involvement)

Rushed introduction of new technologies

Real and coordinated technological adaptation for teachers and students

Adaptability & support
   No one is left behind

We are committed to a technology transition in the classroom based on the needs of each education environment. Teachers will be able to use Lyceum Learning tools without needing extensive IT knowledge, ensuring that no one is left behind in this technological adaptation.

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