Virtual Reality
        & much more

Infinite possibilities, infinite technologies, and a unique team.

At Lyceum VR we combine creativity and professionalism, giving each project a unique and differentiating approach.

Virtual Reality

A whole universe of options at your fingertips.

VR allows us to design and develop all kinds of realities to transport us to any time and place. Our experience with this technology guarantees that we will fulfil any project, even beating your expectations.

Augmented Reality

Explore the limitless possibilities of technology to change our world.

Expanding and modifying our perception, AR allows us to take full advantage of ours senses. Science-fiction is no longer fiction.

Apps &
  Digital Services

Do you have an idea that fits on a smartphone? Do you need a website to showcase your talent?

Do you want to make the digital leap in a project? At Lyceum VR we will help you, assist you and encourage you to turn technological barriers into bridges of your development.

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We are here
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If you want to learn more about what we do or if you have an idea to develop, it’s time to get to know each other.

Address: Calle Cifuentes 5,
La Nave - Planta 5, 28021 Madrid